Which signifies that, if I take off my glasses and hold a lens in front of my dangerous eye, I can focus both of them at 10 inches! Actually, the middle spot is just as properly centered at evening, but there’s extra flare round the focus because the iris is wider and the edges of the graft are more irregular. On this flight it carried the ACS digicam up (and the FOS camera down) as well because the NCS cryocooler, the PCU-R energy controller, the Cash wire harness, and the thermal covers used within the PCU substitute. All of the Biotox Nutrition complement works on the gland as well as ends within the very optimum perform for body’s hormones. It was to perform as a science and know-how module and the first management module for the ISS. Laboratory Future. The tests and the switch of provides into the Russian Zarya Module took longer than expected. Objective of mission STS-a hundred and one was repair, resupply and development duties aboard the international space station.

Three Resupply Stowage Racks (50, 51, 52) and 4 Resupply Stowage Platforms (180, 181, 182 and 188) remained put in on Leonardo, with their tools baggage being individually transferred to the Station. The crew of 4 People, one Russian, one Canadian and one Italian were to put in an 18 meter, 1,seven hundred kg Canadian robotic arm named Canadarm-2 on the ISS, and to transport an Italian cargo container, Raffaello, which delivered 4,500 kg of supplies and equipment to the station. Endeavour was launched on an assembly mission to the to the International Space Station (ISS). It calso carried the DBA2 diode field meeting which managed the arrays, and a wire harness and containers associated with the NICMOS cooling system.- Bay 7-8: SAC (Second Axial Carrier) – 2517 kg. On the final spacewalk, the astronauts put in the NCS (NICMOS cooling system) cryocooler in the aft shround and the associated NCS radiator on the telescope’s exterior. They also put in the Cash wire harness, a part of the aft shroud cooling system. They then unclogged the solid waste disposal system within the Shuttle’s bathroom, which was restored to full operation after a short interruption in service.

Bay 11: FSS (Flight Support System) – 2111 kg. The FSS first flew on STS 41-C (the Solar Max Repair). STS 102 was an American shuttle spacecraft that carried a crew of seven astronauts (six American and one Russian). The Expedition Two crew of Usachyov, Voss and Helms had been in house for 167 days. It consisted of an Equipment Lock for storage and the Crew Lock, based mostly on the Shuttle airlock. STS 105 was an American shuttle that carried a crew of ten (including three crew for the ISS – one American and two Russian), 5 tonnes of supplies, hardware, and a bedroom suite to accommodate a 3rd astronaut in the Destiny module. Because of this, the crew’s ultimate departure from the Station’s Unity module was delayed. The principle mission was to install a seventy two m x 11.Four m, 65 kW double-wing photo voltaic panel on the Unity module of the ISS. Important engine lower-off (MECO) came at 23:25 GMT.

The primary truss had a hexagonal cross section. Endeavour docked with the Station’s PMA-three docking port at 1959 GMT on December 2. Astronauts then installed the P6 solar panel truss to the station during a series of spacewalks. Total payload bay cargo: ca. 14,800 kg The Z1 first segment of the area station truss was constructed by Boeing/Canoga Park and was 3.5 x 4.5 meters in dimension. On October 14 at 16:15 GMT the Z1 segment was unberthed from the payload bay. On 23 April the SSRMS station manipulator was unberthed from the SLP Spacelab pallet at 1114 GMT. The touchdown was finally made at Edwards Air Pressure Base, California, on October 24, at 22:00 GMT. At 1500 GMT on Feb 10 Marsha Ivins used the RMS arm to unberth the PMA-2 docking port from Unity. Leonardo was docked to Unity at -Z for a while in order that its cargo could be transferred to the station easily; it was then be returned to the payload bay and introduced again to earth. On March 1 Atlantis was flown on the again of NASA’s SCA 911 service aircraft to Altus AFB, Oklahoma, en route to Kennedy. Raffaello was transferred back to the Shuttle payload bay on December 14. Endeavour undocked from the Station at 17:28 UTC on December 15. Made a half loop across the station before making a small separation burn at 1822 UTC.